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Bensenville, IL


CNC Turning & Milling Company
(630) 350-8950

25 Years of Experience


  • Turning

  • Milling

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Welding

  • Assembly


to B&M Machining, Inc. Company

B&M Machining Inc. specializes in milling, boring and turning of precision parts in all areas from parts fabrication (replace obsolete parts), to finishing large castings.

Other equipment includes a welding machine and various other machines commonly found in the modern shop.


A highly- skilled staff includes machinists with combined experience of 25 years, trained to European standards with dedication to precision, accuracy and pride in workmanship.

We also offer FREE pick-up and delivery of all parts or equipment with our Company truck.

Our work is priced competitively, according to scope of the job, with timely delivery always a priority.

B&M Machining, Inc. has the expertise and technology to produce custom manufactured parts in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, or materials. Meeting the needs of diverse industries, our shop is well-equipped with top-of-the line CNC turning and milling machinery capable of holding ultra-precision tolerances.

At B&M Machining, Inc., we combine a highly knowledgeable engineering team with the most advanced CNC turning and milling technology to make sure your job is done right. No matter how complex the project, we ensure that our clients receive superior product.

B&M Machining, Inc. - Milling and Turning Company, Inc. has the know-how to manufacture your parts efficiently and at an economical cost to meet your needs.

Our responsibility begins with picking-up material related to your particular job and continues through successful operation of the parts involved.
A variety of services and products are available to our customers with emphasis to details, precision, accuracy and innovation. If in doubt about a product, or service available, please call B&M Machining, Inc. now to review your specific needs.

Company Mission Statement:
Maintain the standards and integrity of our profession by providing the highest quality of parts and service to all of our customers to their total satisfaction.

Need a full assembly manufactured? We will do all the CNC Machining, Manual Machining and Finish Work for each component part.

We can then do the Metal Fabrication and Welding to create your full assembly ready to be delivered.

We work with and machine all types of materials:

- Alloy Steel

- Stainless Steel

- Aluminum

- Cast Iron


We provide machining solutions for following industries:

- Oil Industry
- Mining Industry
- Gear Company
- Food Processing
- Pumps Compressors

If you would like to learn more about the services of B&M Machining, Inc. click Contact Us and a representative will be  in touch with you, as soon as possible.


B&M Machining, Inc.

428 County Line Rd

Bensenville, IL 60106

Phone: (630) 350-8950

Fax: (630) 350-8960


B&M Machining, Inc. is a CNC Turning & Milling Company, and provides services for companies throughout all US States.

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